Début de l'opération de désinfection de toutes les infrastructures de l'université contre le coronavirus Covid19
Fabrication d’une quantité importante d’une solution hydro-alcoolique au niveau des laboratoires de chimie relevant du hall de Technologie de l'université
اجتماع لأعضاء اللجنة المحلية المشتركة لترقية الممارسة الرياضية في الوسط الجامعي على مستوى ولاية سكيكدة
جامعة 20 أوت 1955- تحتفل بعيد المرأة
جامعة 20 أوت 1955- تحتفل بعيد المرأة
تظاهرة علمية إحياء للذكرى المزدوجة لتأميم المحروقات و تأسيس الاتحاد العام للعمال الجزائريين
الملتقى الوطني الأول حول:" تبني النظام المحاسبي المالي في الجزائر : المتطلبات الاقتصادية و المؤسساتية"
إستعراضا للكشافة الاسلامية و لوحات استعراضية في الرياضات القتالية
مدير الجامعة يستقبل ممثلا عن وزارة السكن فيما يخص مشروع 220 سكن وظيفي بجامعة سكيكدة
في اليوم الوطني للشهيد تكريم أساتذة و عمال أبناء الشهداء من جامعة 20 أوت 1955
الطبعة الثالثة لمهرجان الوفاء
أبواب مفتوحة على الوكالة الولائية لتسيير القرض المصغر
مدير الجامعة يستقبل ممثلا عن وزارة السكن فيما يخص مشروع 220 سكن وظيفي بجامعة سكيكدة
في اليوم الوطني للشهيد تكريم أساتذة و عمال أبناء الشهداء من جامعة 20 أوت
في اليوم الوطني للشهيد تكريم أساتذة و عمال أبناء الشهداء من جامعة 20 أوت
الاتحاد العام للطلبة الجزائريين بجامعة 20 أوت 1955 – سكيكدة يحتفي بيوم الشهيد
Visite de l'ambassadeur de la république de zimbabwe
Visite de l'ambassadeur de la république de zimbabwe
زيارة ميدانية لمشروعي 220 سكن وظيفي و القطب الجامعي 8000 مقعد بيداغوجي
إتفاقية تعاون بين جامعة سكيكدة و المدرسة العليا للتكنولوجيات الصناعية
مخيم التدريب الجاهز
انطلاق تجهيز 8000 مقعد بيداغوجي لجامعة 20 أوت 1955- سكيكدة
الملتقى الدولي الثالث عشر حول : دور النظام المصرفي في تمويل نمو المؤسسات الصغيرة والمتوسطة
Signature d'une convention entre l'université 20 août 1955- Skikda et Sonatrach

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Rector's welcome speech



   The continued expansion of our university and its growing influence is the result, firstly, of the effort of the university community and, secondly, the interest shown by the public.

Like other universities in the country, ours take up three major challenges: the growing number of students, professionalisation and research-innovation.

The rapid expansion of the workforce, due to the democratization of education, where the woman takes more and more a place of choice, as a student or as a teacher, puts us in a ratio comparable to those of other countries.This rapid evolution makes more difficult the task of those responsible at all levels especially in terms of forecasts and objectives.

In recent years, the University of Skikda has focused on professional training in line with the local economy. Nevertheless, much remains to be done. In addition to the academic training that is part of the compliance of national programs, we are called to meet the challenge of professionalization and openness to the socio-economic world because the university must be at the heart of Algerian society to accomplish the long-awaited changes.

The challenge is to release the energies, to open the university on its environment and on the world, to trust our teacher-researchers and our executives, to endow them with the minimum vital and to humanize the framework working.

According to the latest ranking of the best Algerian universities established by University Web Ranking, we are among the first 20 out of 66 institutions at the oldest and most prestigious universities.This ranking must be taken with great care in order to make the necessary corrections for a better visibility of our university in the world.This track record teaches us that excellence and competitiveness take into account, on the one hand, the production of knowledge and its transmission and, on the other, the professionalisation and training of the nation's cadres.

It is our duty to make the university more attractive by improving the quality of what we offer to this youth who arrives full of passion but quickly disenchanted.We need to think about all the training paths: from the first qualifications to the highest and adapt them to the new skills needs. We must highlight the future of these students as soon as they arrive at the university.

If the university brings more competence to the company by the emergence of new professions and by improving the qualifications of its graduates, we expect from the company a greater involvement especially in research and development. We need to achieve more structured, sustainable and institutionalized partnerships.

 For its part, the company has needs that are changing rapidly, hence the need to develop continuing education at the university, training adapted to the current socio-economic situation. In developing, continuing education is giving a chance to those who wish to evolve or change trades.

The university of today requires participative management because its status depends on it. I extend my hand to all the skills, to those who want to make the university 20th August  1955-Skikda a center of influence and knowledge. The university of excellence to which we aspire is not decreed, it is slowly and patiently built by all good will through work and self-sacrifice.


                                            The Rector of the university     See CV pdf      

                                           Prof. Salim Haddad