International conference on Advanced Engineering in Petrochemical Industries


The Faculty of Technology organized the International conference in Advanced Engineering in Petrochemical Industries on 26, 27 and 28 November 2019, which was inaugurated by the President of the University Pr. Salim Haddad at the Grand Lecture Hall, University of 20 August 1955.
In his speech, Pr. Youssef Zanir touched on the number of interventions that were sorted and which amounted to 130 interventions divided into four main axes are respectively: industrial chemistry, control, industrial security, partial control.
The number of foreign participants was four, respectively: on the first day, the participation of Pr. Yilio Liu from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology with the intervention '' data –driven and dynamic integrity analysis of safety instrumented systems '', and the second participation. Pr. Ammar Baltrash of the Department of Computer Science and Information from the University of Nortembria from the United Kingdom in an intervention on '' the rise of machine learning and AI: opportunities and challanges '' The third participation of Professor Farouk Yallawi from the University of Technology Troyes-France entitled: '' services and industries of future Vs Scheduling: parallel machines Scheduling and total tardiness ''. On the second day, a lecture by Professor Yves Dick Pr. yves Ducq Vice-President for Continuing Improvement and Documentation at the University of Bordeaux, France, with a presentation entitled: '' Modeling of decision systems for risk analysis '' On the third day, an intervention by Professor Hamid Ben Tarazi of the University.


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